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Thermal & Acoustic Insulation

  • Thermal performance characteristics of "Plaps" UPVC window are the most energy efficient, window combined with glass usage for better U-Values, and solar heat gain coefficient(SHGCs) are consistent for this comparison, using low-E clear double glass that is spectrally selective.
  • UPVC window provides sound insulation up to 30-32 decibels as compared to the Aluminum & wooden windows. The superior weather seal design corners providing a continuous weather seal.
  • Zero Maintenance

    • UPVC window need little more then a wipe down with mild detergent and water to keep them looking as new as the day they are installed.
    • Any surface scratching caused by accident or abuse can be sanded out and polished smooth-there is no metal to oxidize nor powder coating to fade.
    • In the coastal areas corrosion and oxidation often takes places on aluminum joinery. "Plaps" UPVC is impervious to salt air, fungi, pollution, insect and oxidization, and uses corrosion resistant hardware as standard.

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