Combination Door

Combination Door

Combination doors are essentially large paneled glass doors with a built in operable sash to give you more versatile functionality. You can get the look and elegance of french doors with a light and airy ambience and the additional convenience of having single or multiple operable sashes. Combination doors can be a good choice for all kinds of spaces, whether big or small, formal or informal. The versatility of design possible with combination doors makes them a preferred choice for many builders and architects. If the feeling of open spaces and a lot of natural light is important to you, combination doors are the best choice you can make!

At Plaps window designs, we offer you the best custom fabricated combination doors\ solutions for your combination door requirements. Our specially trained technical team works in tandem with our creative design team to give you strong, enduring and aesthetic options that are perfect for your needs. There is no compromise whatsoever in the quality of materials used or the services offered and the fabrication processes are also overseen by experienced and qualified expert personnel to ensure that the precision required for a perfect finish is not compromised in any way.

A wide variety of design and combination possibilities for your every specific need are at your disposal with our expert guidance and uncompromising service! Combination doors design variants help to extend rooms by including a balcony into a room or interlinking your terrace with your study. Combination doors give your home a complete transformation in looks and in style. Combination doors are steel reinforced for added strength. Plaps combination doors integrated seamlessly in different design. Combination doors allow light and fresh air along with proper ventilation.

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