French And Garden Door

French And Garden Door

French And Garden doors are open inwards or outwards and these are a great option for almost every purpose, interior or exterior. French And Garden doors can be designed with a great deal of versatility and they can be either single panel or multi panel designs. They can be used for multiple purposes and are popular because French And Garden doors are easy to operate and aesthetically pleasing. The choice of hardware that is used with such doors must be made with a great deal of care and consideration because even the best quality French And Garden doors can deteriorate rapidly if substandard hardware components are used.

At Plaps Window Designs, we custom fabricate the perfect doors for your needs from the highest quality raw materials imported directly from Dimex, Germany. Our exclusive upvc doors and windows manufacturing unit is 100% mechanized so that precision during the fabrication process is not compromised in any way. French And Garden doors doors are the best choice you can make because these are not only strong and durable but also very efficient for sound proofing and energy saving purposes. Our profiles are contemporary and elegant and can be customized to suit any style or décor or architecture and equally suitable for both private residences and commercial buildings.

French And Garden doors will complement the internal and external appearance of your home, all expertly designed to operate smoothly throughout their lifetime. Whether inward or outward opening, all French And Garden doors offer a complete draught proof seal and all profiles have been designed to be used in conjunction with high security / high performance hinges and locks.

The French And Garden doors also has a number of commercial applications for subdivision of office space, boardrooms etc. And because of their universal appeal, they are just as appropriate to be used for entry to your outside living spaces as well as internally. French And Garden doors offer an unobstructed view of the surrounding environment and is easier to maintain than a slider.

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