French Door

French Door

The most elegant and effective way to bring in more natural light into a room is through the use of French Himged Windows. French Himged Windows are largely made up of glass panels set into a frame and they can even extend from the floor all the way to the ceiling. French Himged Windows are usually considered to be a more aesthetic choice rather than a functional choice but this is largely due to misinterpretation of their functionality! French Himged Windows can be the most practical choice you can make for many specific purposes and letting in more light is an important factor to consider.

At Plaps Window Designs, we can precisely measure the exact dimensions that will suit your needs and custom fabricate the perfect doors for your specific needs. Upvc door and window manufacturing is done at our exclusive fabrication unit and the entire process is fully mechanized to ensure precision and perfection of finish. We also have specially trained installation crews in-house to ensure that the finished and installed profile is perfect in every way. We never compromise on quality, whether it is the raw materials used for production of your profiles or the services we offer in terms of design and installation! Elegant and traditional French Himged Windows will not only enhance the beauty of your home.

All our French Himged Windows have high performance acoustic, thermal and weather resistant properties as well as multipoint locking for additional security. French Himged Windows always prove popular because customers gain full, wide and unhindered access when both doors are open. French Himged Windows provide you with unrestricted access to and from your home, and offer unlimited ventilation options. French Himged Windows can open inwards or outwards, and restrictors are fitted as standard to all open-out doors.

*Internally glazed for extra security

*Enhanced security locking

*Steel reinforced outer frame

*Energy efficient glass available

*Available in a range of colours

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