Sliding Door

Sliding Door

A sliding doors is not only an elegant, chic, contemporary and aesthetic option but also a very practical and functional option for restricted spaces. Sliding doors can also be effectively used to compartmentalize spaces rather than just as doors. Sliding doors are the preferred choice of most builders and architects today because of their beauty, strength, endurance and low maintenance requirements. High quality and precision engineered hardware components to support the smooth operation of sliding doors are also available and this adds to their appeal a great deal. Sliding doors are both aesthetically versatile and functionally very desirable.

At Plaps window designs, we offer an amazing range of customized design options for your specific sliding door needs. Because we fabricate your specific upvc profiles (imported from dimex) according to your customized design, precision at every stage is vital. We have trained and qualified experts for everything from taking precise measurements using digital meters to overseeing production and for uncompromising installation. With perfectly matched high quality hardware components to ensure high performance and installation by experienced and trained crews, you are assured of enduring and functional results that are also aesthetically pleasing. Visit our showroom or call for the best solutions.

Sliding doors make your home look modern, bigger and allow maximum light into your home. The sliding doors is extremely versatile, and can allow for all panels to slide. The sliding doors is available in 2, 3 or 4 panel format. They are a more traditional alterinative to sliding doors and have been increasingly popular as a division of dining and lounge or for balconies/patios/backyards - you can feel the garden in your home. Particularly effective when coupled with fixed side panels to create a large glazed screen. This combination is most commonly used when the home has water or mountain views or a large outside entertaining area.

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