UV resistant

UV resistant

Our products are specifically built to withstand harsh Indian weather conditions and protect from strong uv exposure so there is no compromise in the uv resistance of the product even under the strong indian sun! Our upvc profiles are especially uv resistant windows treated with titanium di-oxide 5.94%; this ensures that even years of exposure to the sun will not deteriorate them.

Uv resistant is a great benefit especially in tropical countries like India where the sun is always strong and the danger of overexposure to harmful uv rays is always high. This is also one of the factors that lead to the low maintenance requirements of our products and makes them so popular universally! India is a high uv sensitive country. So we required uv resistant windows.

As windows are exposed to all harsh & extreme weathers, uv resistant windows is important to sustain the high uv radiations in India.

Without uv resistant windows are likely to change colours get yellow & greyish brown won´┐Ż "!t look nice. High uv resistant windows no need to painting lifelong. Uv resistant windows will help us for a long lasting window whiteness. Uv resistance windows come with uv stabilisers. Uv resistant windows are not formulated with enough portions of titanium dioxide(tio2). These addetives are very expensive compared to pvc raisins and calcium carbonite /filler.

High uv resistant windows recommended to handle high uv radiations in India. The tio2 used in the formulation is 8 parts and more ( like in dimex profiles) & he/she provides a third party accredited lab test report.

Dimex provide:

1.cipet test report with every sale Cipet -- central institute of plastics engineering & technology- a government of India undertaking

2. 8000 hrs uv retardent test report especially for India & Australia from dimex .most of the other companies provide usual test reports only for 6000 hrs